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Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurants & Cafes in Poland

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  • Vege Bistro  - Small cafe serving vegan Polish food.
    Kopernika 25, 00-359 Warszawa, Poland.Tel: 516 027 906.


  • No Bones  - Vegan restaurant in the Main Square.
    Bracka 15, 31-005 Cracow. Tel: +48 12 387 78 80.
  • Gossip Vege Bistro  - Vegan restaurant in the Main Square.
    Zwierzyniecka 4, 31-102 Kraków, Polska. Tel: 500 347 871.
  • Cafe Młynek  - Located on Wolnica Square, in the heart of Kazimierz.
    Wolnica 7, Old Town, 31-060 Kraków, Poland. Phone: +48 502 302 803.

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