Vegetarian Options For Taco Bell Breakfast

Taco Bell rolled out breakfast nationwide back in 2014, much to the delight of fast food fans. But with a heavy emphasis on eggs and meat, Taco Bell’s breakfast menu isn’t very vegetarian-friendly at first glance.

Thankfully, with a few modifications and smart menu choices, vegetarians can craft meatless morning meals at Taco Bell.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: The Hash Brown Toasted Breakfast Burrito, without meat, and the Grande Scrambler, subbing beans for meat, are two of the best bets for vegetarian Taco Bell breakfast.

The Standard Vegetarian BreakfastItems

For those looking for vegetarian options at Taco Bell for breakfast, there are several delicious choices available. Here are some of the standard vegetarian breakfast items that you can enjoy:

Hash Browns

One of the classic vegetarian options at Taco Bell for breakfast is their crispy and flavorful hash browns. These golden-brown potato bites are the perfect side dish to complement your breakfast. Whether you’re a fan of a simple breakfast or looking to add some extra crunch to your meal, Taco Bell’s hash browns won’t disappoint.

Cinnamon Twists

If you have a sweet tooth, Taco Bell’s cinnamon twists are a must-try. These delightful treats are made from corn tortillas coated in cinnamon and sugar, creating a crispy and sweet snack. Whether you enjoy them on their own or as a side to your breakfast, these cinnamon twists are a fantastic vegetarian option to satisfy your cravings.

Grande Scrambler with Beans

For a more substantial vegetarian breakfast, the Grande Scrambler with beans is an excellent choice. This hearty breakfast burrito is filled with fluffy scrambled eggs, melted cheese, pico de gallo, and your choice of either seasoned breakfast potatoes or beans.

The addition of beans adds a protein-rich element to your breakfast, keeping you fueled throughout the day.

It’s worth noting that while these items are considered vegetarian, they are prepared in a shared kitchen environment, so there may be a risk of cross-contamination. If you have any specific dietary concerns or restrictions, it’s always best to check with the staff or consult Taco Bell’s official website for more information.

For more information on Taco Bell’s vegetarian breakfast options, you can visit their official website here.

Modifying Breakfast Burritos

Sub beans or potatoes for meat

For those looking for a vegetarian option at Taco Bell for breakfast, one simple modification is to substitute beans or potatoes for the meat in your breakfast burrito. This allows you to still enjoy the delicious flavors and textures of a burrito, while also getting a protein-packed and filling meal.

By choosing beans or potatoes, you’re adding a healthy dose of fiber and nutrients to your breakfast. Plus, it’s a great way to customize your burrito to your liking!

Fresco style removes dairy

If you’re not only vegetarian but also looking to avoid dairy, the fresco style is an excellent choice. When you order your breakfast burrito fresco style, it means that the cheese and sour cream will be replaced with a fresh pico de gallo salsa.

This modification not only removes the dairy from your meal but also adds a burst of fresh flavors. The pico de gallo typically consists of diced tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and lime juice, creating a zesty and vibrant topping for your burrito.

It’s a great way to keep your breakfast light and refreshing.

Remember that Taco Bell offers customizable options, so don’t hesitate to ask for these modifications when placing your order. You can easily tailor your breakfast burrito to your dietary preferences and taste buds.

Building Your Own

When it comes to creating your own vegetarian breakfast at Taco Bell, there are plenty of delicious options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something hearty and filling or light and flavorful, Taco Bell has you covered.

Beans, Rice, Potatoes

One of the easiest ways to build your own vegetarian breakfast is by starting with a base of beans, rice, or potatoes. These options provide a great source of protein and can be customized to your liking.

For example, you can choose to have black beans or pinto beans, seasoned rice or cilantro-lime rice, or even crispy hash browns as the foundation of your breakfast. This ensures that you’ll have a satisfying and filling meal to start your day.

Veggies and Sauces

Next, you can add a variety of veggies and sauces to enhance the flavor of your vegetarian breakfast. Taco Bell offers a range of fresh vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers that you can add to your breakfast creation.

You can also choose from a selection of delicious sauces like salsa, guacamole, or even the famous Taco Bell hot sauce to give your breakfast a kick of flavor.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your toppings. For example, you can add some sautéed mushrooms and onions for extra flavor, or even some sliced avocado for a creamy touch. The possibilities are endless when it comes to building your own vegetarian breakfast at Taco Bell.

If you need some inspiration or want to see what others have created, you can check out the Taco Bell website or social media pages. They often feature customer creations and suggestions for vegetarian options, which can give you some great ideas to try out for yourself.


With a little creativity and customization, vegetarians can enjoy meatless AM crunchwraps, burritos, and bowls at Taco Bell. While the options aren’t extensive, the ability to substitute beans and other veggies for meat opens up more possibilities.

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