A Vegan’S Guide To Eating At Pick Up Stix

Craving Asian food but want vegan options beyond veggie stir fry? Pick Up Stix has you covered! This popular Asian fast casual spot offers customizable bowls, plates, and street food with plenty of plant-based protein sources to choose from.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Pick Up Stix has dedicated vegan proteins like tofu and seitan that can be added to any dish. Build a bowl with brown rice, veggies, coconut curry sauce, and tofu for a filling vegan meal.

Many sauces and menu items are vegan, just ask to hold dairy products like cheese.

This comprehensive guide will share how to navigate the menu, top vegan dish combinations, modifications you can make, and insider hacks to get the most satisfying plant-based meal at Pick Up Stix.

Vegan Protein Options

For vegans looking to enjoy a delicious meal at Pick Up Stix, there are several protein options to choose from. Whether you’re a tofu lover or prefer something more hearty like seitan, there’s something for everyone. Here are some of the vegan protein options available:


Tofu is a versatile and popular vegan protein option that is widely available at Pick Up Stix. Made from soybeans, tofu is rich in protein and can be cooked in a variety of ways to suit different tastes.

Whether it’s stir-fried with vegetables or added to a flavorful vegan sauce, tofu provides a great source of protein for vegans. It’s also a good source of calcium and iron.


Seitan is another great vegan protein option for those who prefer a meaty texture. Made from wheat gluten, seitan has a chewy texture and a savory flavor that makes it an excellent substitute for meat.

At Pick Up Stix, you can find dishes like “Sweet and Sour Seitan” or “Kung Pao Seitan” that are packed with flavor and protein. Seitan is also a good source of iron and provides a satisfying meal for vegans.


Edamame, or young soybeans, are a nutritious and delicious vegan protein option. At Pick Up Stix, you can find dishes like “Edamame with Spicy Garlic Sauce” or “Edamame Fried Rice” that feature these flavorful beans.

Edamame is a good source of protein, fiber, and essential nutrients like folate and vitamin K. It’s also low in calories and can be enjoyed as a snack or added to your favorite vegan dishes.

When dining at Pick Up Stix as a vegan, it’s important to inform the staff about your dietary preferences to ensure that your meal is prepared without any animal products. Additionally, you can always customize your order by adding extra vegetables or requesting specific sauces to suit your taste.

Eating vegan at Pick Up Stix can be a delicious and satisfying experience with these protein options.

Building a Vegan Bowl or Plate

When dining at Pick Up Stix as a vegan, you have the option to build your own bowl or plate, customizing it to suit your dietary preferences. Here is a guide to help you create a delicious and satisfying vegan meal.

Bases: Brown Rice, Mixed Greens, Zoodles

Start by choosing a base for your meal. Pick Up Stix offers three vegan-friendly options: brown rice, mixed greens, and zoodles (zucchini noodles). Brown rice is a great choice for those looking for a filling and nutritious option.

Mixed greens provide a lighter and refreshing base, perfect for those who prefer a salad-style meal. Zoodles are a low-carb alternative that adds a unique twist to your bowl or plate.

Sauces: Coconut Curry, Spicy Mushroom

The sauce is what brings your vegan bowl or plate to life. Pick Up Stix offers two vegan sauces that are bursting with flavor. The first is the Coconut Curry sauce, a creamy and aromatic blend of coconut milk and spices. This sauce adds a touch of richness to your meal.

The Spicy Mushroom sauce is perfect for those who enjoy a little kick in their food. It combines savory mushrooms with a hint of spiciness, creating a delightful flavor profile.

Veggies and Toppings

Now it’s time to add some veggies and toppings to your vegan creation. Pick Up Stix has a variety of fresh and crispy vegetables to choose from, such as broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, and snap peas. You can also add some extra flavor with toppings like chopped green onions, cilantro, or sesame seeds.

Remember, you can mix and match these components to create a personalized vegan bowl or plate that suits your taste preferences. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try different combinations to discover your favorite vegan meal at Pick Up Stix!

Modifying Menu Items

As a vegan, dining out can sometimes be a challenge, but at Pick Up Stix, there are several ways you can modify menu items to make them suitable for your plant-based lifestyle. By making a few simple requests, you can enjoy a delicious meal that aligns with your dietary preferences.

Here are some tips for modifying menu items at Pick Up Stix:

Holding Cheese and Dairy

If you’re vegan, holding cheese and dairy is an obvious modification to make when ordering at Pick Up Stix. Many of their menu items, such as the stir-fried dishes and rice bowls, can easily be made without cheese or dairy.

Simply let the staff know that you’d like your dish to be prepared without these ingredients, and they will be more than happy to accommodate your request.

Requesting Vegan Wrappers

Another way to modify your meal at Pick Up Stix is by requesting vegan wrappers for their wraps and burritos. While some of their wraps may contain non-vegan ingredients, such as eggs or dairy-based sauces, you can still enjoy these delicious handheld meals by asking for a vegan-friendly alternative.

The staff will be able to guide you through the options and suggest a suitable replacement.

Soy Milk Substitutions

For those who enjoy a creamy beverage with their meal, Pick Up Stix offers soy milk as a substitution for regular milk. Whether you prefer a soy milk latte or a soy milk smoothie, you can indulge in a dairy-free treat without compromising your vegan lifestyle.

Just let the staff know that you’d like your drink made with soy milk, and they will be happy to accommodate your request.

By modifying menu items at Pick Up Stix, you can still enjoy a flavorful and satisfying meal that aligns with your vegan lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to communicate your dietary preferences with the staff, as they are more than willing to help you find suitable options. Happy dining!

Secret Menu Hacks

When dining at Pick Up Stix as a vegan, you might be surprised to know that there are some secret menu hacks that can help you create delicious and satisfying meals. These hacks allow you to explore off-menu options, try seasonal and regional items, and even upsize your side orders.

Let’s dive into these exciting options!

Off-Menu Vegan Proteins

While Pick Up Stix is known for its meat and seafood dishes, there are actually some off-menu vegan proteins that you can request. For example, you can ask for tofu as a protein option in any dish. Their tofu is perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection, adding a delightful texture and flavor to your meal.

Don’t hesitate to ask the friendly staff for this off-menu vegan protein!

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for a protein-packed meal, try the Tofu Stir Fry with a side of brown rice. It’s a filling and nutritious option that will leave you satisfied!

Seasonal and Regional Items

Pick Up Stix is always introducing new dishes based on seasonal and regional flavors. As a vegan, you can take advantage of these culinary creations by customizing your order. For example, if they have a special salad on the menu, you can ask for it without any animal products, such as removing the cheese or bacon.

The chefs at Pick Up Stix are accommodating and will gladly make modifications to suit your dietary preferences.

Did You Know? Pick Up Stix sources fresh ingredients from local farmers and suppliers, ensuring that their seasonal and regional items are of the highest quality. This commitment to using fresh and local produce adds an extra level of flavor to your vegan dining experience!

Upsize Side Orders

When it comes to side orders, vegans can enjoy a variety of options at Pick Up Stix. One secret menu hack is to upsize your side orders to make a more substantial meal. For example, instead of ordering a regular side of steamed vegetables, you can ask for a larger portion to create a satisfying main course.

The chefs will be more than happy to accommodate your request.

Fun Fact: Steamed vegetables at Pick Up Stix are always cooked to perfection, retaining their vibrant colors and crispness. If you’re looking for a healthy and delicious option, don’t miss out on their veggie sides!

Next time you’re at Pick Up Stix, don’t be afraid to try these secret menu hacks. Off-menu vegan proteins, seasonal and regional items, and upsized side orders are just some of the exciting options available to you.

Remember to communicate your dietary preferences to the staff, and they will ensure that your meal is both delicious and vegan-friendly. Happy dining!

Dining with Non-Vegans

As a vegan, dining out with non-vegans can sometimes feel challenging. However, with a little planning and communication, you can enjoy a delicious meal at Pick Up Stix while accommodating everyone’s dietary preferences. Here are some tips for dining with non-vegans:

Sharing Dishes

One way to navigate dining with non-vegans at Pick Up Stix is by sharing dishes. This allows everyone at the table to try a variety of flavors and caters to both vegan and non-vegan preferences. Opt for dishes that can easily be customized, such as the Build Your Own Bowl option.

This way, non-vegans can add their choice of protein while you can load up on delicious veggies and tofu. By sharing dishes, you create a sense of inclusivity and can showcase the amazing flavors of vegan cuisine.

Picking a Vegan Friendly Restaurant

Before dining out with non-vegans, it’s essential to choose a restaurant that offers vegan-friendly options. Luckily, Pick Up Stix has a variety of vegan dishes to choose from. Their menu includes vegetable-based stir-fries, tofu dishes, and even vegan spring rolls.

By selecting a restaurant like Pick Up Stix, you ensure that there will be something for everyone to enjoy. Additionally, checking online reviews or using apps that specialize in vegan-friendly restaurants can help you find even more options in your area.

Advocating Politely

While dining with non-vegans, it’s important to advocate for your dietary choices politely. Instead of criticizing or lecturing, focus on sharing your positive experiences as a vegan. Talk about the health benefits, the positive impact on the environment, and the deliciousness of vegan food.

By approaching the topic in a non-confrontational way, you can encourage others to be more open-minded and consider trying vegan dishes. Remember, leading by example and showing others how enjoyable vegan food can be is often the most effective way to advocate for your choices.

By following these tips, you can navigate dining with non-vegans at Pick Up Stix or any other restaurant with ease. Remember, it’s all about finding common ground and enjoying a meal together, regardless of dietary preferences.


With protein options like tofu and seitan, customizable bowls, and easy modifications, eating vegan at Pick Up Stix is totally doable. Follow this guide to build flavorful plant-based plates with rice, curry sauce, veggies and more.

With a few simple tips, you can enjoy Asian fusion fare alongside non-vegan friends too. Pick Up Stix makes it easy and delicious to get your Asian food fix while sticking to your vegan diet.

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