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    To be added to this section your accommodation must provide exclusively vegetarian (no meat, no fish) or vegan (no animal products of any kind) food. The word vegetarian, veggie or vegan must appear clearly in your website.

    If your B&B serves meat or fish, but you are more than happy to provide good veggie options you can be added to the Veggie-friendly B&Bs section instead.

    There is a small one-time admin fee of £30 for this service (30 GB pounds is approximately 38 US Dollars or 35 Euros).

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Accommodation Details

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The description should be no more than 15 words and include city, town or region. E-mail and international phone number are optional.

There is a small one-off admin fee of £30 (30 GB pounds).

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Food Declaration

All your food must be totally vegetarian (no meat, no fish) or vegan (no animal products of any kind).

If you provide meat or fish, but are happy to offer vegetarian or vegan options, please go to Veggie-friendly B&Bs instead.

I declare...
Click the 'Yes' button if ALL your food is vegetarian or vegan.
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  • 3: Payment...

    There is a one-off admin fee of £30 (30 GB pounds) for this service.
    [Additional entries under other categories can be added for £15 (15 GB pounds) per additional entry. Specify categories in the comments box above, or contact us]

    Payments can be made via PayPal. We will send you a PayPal invoice when we have added your website to the directory. UK residents can also pay by cheque (ask us for details).

    30 GB pounds is approximately 38 US Dollars or 35 Euros (May 2017 data). To see the latest conversion rate, go to Universal Currency Converter (a free service run by Xenon Laboratories).

If you need to update your entry, go to Edit Your Entry.