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Vegetarian/Vegan Hotels & B&Bs in Switzerland

These bed & breakfasts and guest houses have stated that their food is exclusively vegetarian or vegan (although you should check this before booking). Some may also provide organic and Fairtrade food.

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  • Hotel Swiss
    Hotel with vegan restaurant in the center of Kreuzlingen, near Lake Constance.
    hotel swiss GmbH, Hauptstrasse 72, CH-8280 Kreuzlingen. Tel: +41(0)716778040.

  • Hotel Balance
    Vegetarian eco-hotel in Les Granges.
    Hotel Balance, Rue du Dailley, 3, CH-1922 - Les Granges, Switzerland. Tel: +41 (0) 27 76115-22.

  • Sonnmatt, Mountain Guesthouse & Healthcenter
    Vegan, ovo-lacto-vegetarian, Switzerland, St. Gallen, hiking, skiing, wholefoods, lifestyle courses, massage, nature, silence, rest.
    Sonnmatt, Bergpension & Gesundheitszentrum, Schwand 2588, CH-9642 Ebnat-Kappel, Switzerland.

  • Chez Svanette Bio B&B
    Cosy vegetarian guesthouse with charm and ambiance next to the abbey gardens in the heart of Dormach.
    Bruggweg 15, 4143 Dornach, Switzerland. Tel: +41617039299.

Veggie-friendly Hotels and B&Bs in Switzerland
(not exclusively veggie, but cater for vegetarians/vegans)

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All information is offered in good faith. We take no responsibility and give no guarantees or warranties, implied or otherwise, for the content or accuracy of any linked sites. The above sites have all stated to us that they provide 100% vegetarian and/or vegan food (although you should check this for yourself before booking).

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